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The Time Hunters #1 by Carl Ashmore, a Quick, Engaging Story with Humor, Mystery, and Danger

The Time Hunters - Carl Ashmore

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Becky Mellor and her brother Joe are sent to spend the summer at their Uncle Percy’s estate. Expecting boredom, they instead find excitement, mystery, and danger when their eccentric uncle turns out to be a time traveler.


I liked this book quite a bit. It moves quickly and is very engaging. The plot has a lot of mystery, danger, and twists and turns, but overall the story has an imaginative, humorous feel. The characters are drawn with enough depth to get one interested in their story and to care about what happens to them. The villains are drawn in such a way that you know they are dangerous and mean business. Yet, the tone of the story isn’t dark or morbid but hopeful and exciting. I also liked the definite British feel of the story.


As someone with a degree in history and a deep love of it, time travel is always a fascination. But it’s often hard to find stories on it well done and with plausible reasoning. This book is well done, though, and the theory and mechanics of time travel as put forth so far in the series was reasonable and interesting.


To conclude, I can envision reading this book again and again (which is about the highest compliment I can give a book) and I look forward to reading the other books in the series.